Introducing Sumptuous Color From Estée Lauder‏!


Now take your lashes all the way to big, bold and beautiful with a sumptuous new mascara from Estée Lauder. NEW Sumptuous Color Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara delivers sophisticated color for lavishly vibrant lashes that are voluptuous, extravagant and daringly full without clumping.

Combining all the benefits of Estée Lauder’s original Sumptuous Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara with the added impact of beautifully vibrant color, this daringly divine mascara delivers fabulously full, sensuously curved, all-out seductive lashes that highlight, contrast and frame your eyes with the surprise of brilliant color. Available in a full fantasy of vividly rich, wearable jewel-tone shades of Amber, Garnet, Sapphire, Amethyst and Emerald, Sumptuous Color Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara makes it possible to instantly take your look from the everyday to the extraordinary!


Luxurious Mousse-like Formula

While conventional color mascaras can be chalky, Estee Lauder’s NEW Sumptuous Color Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara uses a specific blend of fine pearls and pigments to optimize and achieve rich, sumptuous color.

Made with Estee Lauder’s unprecedented Bold Volume™ formula, this sumptuously rich mascara contains a calculated blend of light-weight gels, polymers, waxes and pigments to lift and plump even sparse lashes into big, lush lashes that are all lightness and flirtatious curl.

The formula’s mousse-like, jellified suspension system utilizes “swollen” water to gently and lightly suspend the ingredients, allowing the use of less wax to add dramatic volume and lifting.

Adding to the exceptionally light base are ultra-light, lash thickening, “Y”-shaped Micro-Lock fibers that reinforce the volume enhancing, airy properties of the formula. These innovative nylon fibers interlock and stack together to create a pillow-like cushion around each lash, filling in even the sparsest of lashes and delivering glamorously rich volume and lift. The fibers are blended with Tack-Flex polymers that have the ability to quickly coat lashes from root to tip keeping lashes, light and flexible while adding exaggerated volume and weightless lift. All the volume without clumping!

Technologically Advanced Brush Design

Sumptuous Color Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara’s exclusive BrushComber™ brush delivers all the thickening effects of a brush with the definition of a comb thanks to two types of bristle fibers – a softer bristle that grabs hold of the formula to create volume and a more rigid bristle that expertly separates lashes. Together, the fibers thicken and volumize lashes in one fast coat without clumping.

Ideal for even the sparsest of lashes, Sumptuous Color Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara is fragrance free, ophthalmologist tested, and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Easily remove the mascara with makeup remover, such as Estee Lauder’s Take It Away Total Makeup Remover.

Express yourself in a dramatic new fashion this fall with bold, brilliant color and voluptuously full, sensuously curved, all-out seductive lashes. Sumptuous Color Bold Volume™ Lifting Mascara will be available for a limited time at Estée Lauder counters nationwide and on beginning in September 2009. Suggested retail price: $19.50.

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