Worth every penny, the AMAZING Wonderbar!


When I first heard about the Wonderbar I was intrigued, a bar of soap that starts at $40 sure it probably cleans your skin but is it worth $40? With all the great cleansers out there I wondered if it was worth the splurge, well ladies and gentleman I have been to skincare promised land and I can tell you Wonderbar is worth every penny.

I was sent a little trial bar to sample the Wonderbar, just a little slip of soap about the size of a sitck of gum folded over. My first thought about this little brown piece of soap is I am going to blow through this is 2 days. Well amazingly this stuff just goes on and on one little bar lasted over two weeks washing my face twice a day. So I can only imagine how long the big bars would last if you average out the pricer per use it’s probaly on par with most facial cleansers.

Ok so how does it work? A little brown bar of soap which is made from mud and algae derivatives, Wonderbar packs a mighty punch.  You lather and apply to your face and let it sit about 3-5 minutes it feels a little tingly as it dries and you can feel it working. After just rinse and you are just days away from starting to see the magic. First thing I noticed was my skin cleared up. Over the first  3 weeks of use my skin has gotten so clear I am truly in awe. I don’ get a ton of blemishes but I am prone to little breakouts and bumps along my hairline. Since I have been using the Wonderbar my skin has cleared up completely even the little bumps are all gone.  I have also seen a huge reduction in my pore size, I have found a bunch of products that help while you are wearing them but Wonderbar has changed my skin so much it looks good even without foundation or minimizing products. 

My oily skin is now under control Wonderbar got the perfect balance of clearing up the excessive oil without leaving my skin dry. I really wish I would have taken a before and after picture the results are dramatic especially for only 3 weeks. This is a bit of a splurge and with a self employed hubby I am personally feeling the crunch of the economy and beauty splurges are much further in between. I can tell you though this is worth the price, I now love my skin and don’t feel the need to hide it. Definitely worth the price with Wonderbar you can truly change your skin rather than covering it up with makeup.


The 25gm Wonderbar from Wonderbar USA, 6-8 weeks supply, is a facial bar which is enhanced by the unique combination of Chlorey’nahre and Heilmoor clay of Austria.

$40-140 (25-80gm) 

Check out other testimonials here, the Wonderbar has some serious fans!

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