New Scope Outlast!


I had the chance to try the new Scope Outlast product line and was pleasantly surprised. First off, I’m not a huge mouthwash person because I am kind of a  wimp and hate the burning sensation. With Scope Outlast I was happy to see I could get that super minty sensation without the intense burning sensation I get from products like Listerine. 

The toothpaste is also great I love really bold mint flavor and this once again was the perfect amount of mint without the burning sensation. My teeth feel and look sparkly clean and white!

My favorite of the line has the be the Oral B  Scope Outlast flossing picks. I am so bad at flossing I generally only floss a day or two before my dentist appointment to pretend like I am a good girl and then a few days after while the warnings of not flossing are fresh in my mind. I have the best of intentions to floss but it just seems like such a pain. With the Oral B Scope Outlast floss picks I could easily floss while watching the news it was super easy and doesn’t hurt a bit. It is actually a little fun and the minty flavor tastes great. Who knows maybe next time I visit the dentist I won’t have to lie about being an avid flosser! 😉

Scope Outlast


  • Scope Outlast with Outlast technology
  • Breath Feels Fresh Up to 5x Longer vs. Brushing Alone
  • Gives you the confidence to get even closer


Available at your local drugstore, Target, Walgreens etc.

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