The perfect pair of scissors!



I love these scissors! They may be made for your man but you need to steal his or get your own pair. The rubber grips and larger finger opening make them super easy to use. They cut very precisely and are sharp enough to make any touch up or trim job a breeze.  

They are so easy to use I can even get my daughters bangs trimmed (straight) before she gets antsy! Get a great gift to spoil your man and yourself.

ACE Detail Facial Scissors

Found your man using your tweezers, nail clippers, or shaving cream one too many times? Well ladies, here is your chance to take back the medicine cabinet – steal a product from your man for a change! The ACE Detail Facial Scissor is not just for trimming his sideburns and beard. Use the stainless steel precision tip and ultra-sharp blades of the ACE Detail Facial Scissor to keep your bangs in line and your brows looking trim. The rubberized grips ensure you won’t slip up while cutting and will definitely secure the ACE Detail Facial Scissor’s place on your side of the sink. It’ll be love at first snip.

$10.99  ACE Detail Facial Scissors


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