Eva Mendes on the cover of Marie Claire UK!


Eva Mendes is the cover girl for the September 2009 issue of Marie Claire UK.  She’s so beautiful!

Here are some highlights below from the interview:

On her Calvin Klein adverts that were banned in the States:

“You can’t show your nipples, apparently, in the States. But you can blow up anything you please in a movie or on TV.”

On her curves:

“I love my curves and I embrace them, but I have to walk a fine line. There are certain dresses that are like: ‘Oh, this is really feminine. This isn’t sexy at all’, but then I’d try it on and it just turned. I think it comes down to being voluptuous, and if your body’s a certain way, then things can go distasteful in a second.”

On regular therapy sessions:

“I love therapy! I’m very into it. I’m very in touch with my feelings, so I’m a completely different person. Not that different, but there’s nothing like going in and sitting down and talking to someone who has no emotional tie to your life. Just to talk to someone. It’s amazing.”

On visiting cemeteries:

“I love cemeteries. They’re so beautiful and peaceful.”



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