The beauty rule I break.



I know its best to take only one shower a day and wash your hair even less. My bad beauty habit is I LOVE showers, I really can’t get enough I usually take two or three  a day. In order to counteract the drying effect this can have on my skin I seek out highly moisturizing products and I just started using a new great body wash that I wanted to share with you all.

What is your bad beauty habit?


I love Mama Mio’s shower cream you just need a little to get squeaky clean and my skin feels so great right out of the shower. My skin now feels smooth and hydrated all day long, on top of how good my skin feels Mama Mio’s shower cream smells delicious!

Mama Mio Shower Cream

crème de la crème

super-moisturising and sulphate free

If you love a good body cleanser then you will love this. Sodium laureth sulphate free, it is oh-so-gentle and smells gorgeous. A fragrant halo of calm surrounds as you step out of the shower, and your skin somehow feels like you have had an hour-long soak in an oil-rich bath. In fact, you can use it in the bath for creamy bubbles if you fancy it.


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