Celebrate Summer with NEW! Tillia Grapefruit products‏


I love the new Pink Grapefruit scent from Tillia Beauty, an authentic Pink Grapefruit smell it has the perfect balance of sweet and citrus. The body lotion is super emollient and absorbs quickly leaving my skin smooth and smelling delicious.

The Pink Grapefruit sugar scrub is just in time for dry summer skin. It painlessly exfoliates my skin leaving it buffed and beautiful!

A little sour and a little sweet, this fruit has the perfect combination of yin and yang that will titillate your senses and wake up your mind! Formulated with the luscious aroma of pink grapefruit the NEW! Tillia Pink Grapefruit collection is the perfect summer time bath collection.

The aroma of freshly squeezed pink grapefruit combined with Italian lime and warm woods creates this engaging scent.


Lucky Subscription


Relax after a day in sun with the Tillia Bubble Bath ($20); Exfoliate dry skin with the Tillia Sugar Scrub ($18); Deeply hydrate parched summer skin with Tillia Body Butter ($16) or Tillia Body Lotion ($14); Cleanse and moisturize delicate hands with the Tillia Hand Wash ($12)

Tillia products are available at Tilliabeauty.com


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