New Kenzo Ryoko!


I love the new Ryoko Summer Fragrance collection, a pocket pebble sized fragrance containing 5 great Kenzo fragrances.  It feels like a smooth river stone in your hand and is made to travel with you and deal with the bangs without breaking.  Small enough to be TSA approved for airline travel its functional and beautiful!

Kenzo Ryoko

The Concept: Working with famed industrial designer Karim Rashid, Kenzo Parfums takes fragrance and design into uncharted territory with RYOKO –a pocket-sized, ultra-light fragrance pebble. Each smooth RYOKO (meaning travel in Japanese) houses one of Kenzo’s favorite scents in a series of five colorful, ergonomically-designed stones that fit into the palm of the hand and is airport-friendly (less than 3 oz).

The 2009 Ryoko Collection is saturated in high-gloss color. Fragrance pebbles are suspended in a see-through box, signifying one of the ironies of modern travel -motion without movement. Five of our favorites to take wherever you wish.

The Range for her
FlowerbyKenzo eau de parfum nomad spray
KenzoAmour eau de parfum nomad spray
L’eauparKenzo eau de parfum nomad spray


Karim Rashid sketch for Kenzo

The Range for him
L’eauparKenzo pour homme nomad spray
Kenzo Homme nomad spray

Launch June 2009 20ml nomad spray SRP: $29

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