Benefit Laugh With Me LeeLee
Her playful wink and mischievous smile,
the flirtatious side of her innocent style.
No thought or worry of what’s meant to be,
first laughter, then love “…along came LeeLee.”

The Crescent Row fragrances are based on a fashionable strip of flats in Bath, England, which serve as home to several imaginary gals. Their lives are filled with laughter, gossip, and seduction; and each scent, bottle, artwork, and name was created to reflect the fascinating protagonists. LeeLee has a playful femininity that is naturally sexy. Her scent is a light blend of citrus, jasmine, lily blossoms, blonde wood, and amber—resulting in a soft-floral scent that is refreshing and feminine. Discover the scent that strikes a chord—and then come back to collect the others!

Cassis, Melon, Citrus, Black Violet, Lily, Jasmine, Blonde Wood, Amber, Santal

$36.00 Benefit Laugh With Me LeeLee

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