Summer Skin Essentials


So many sunscreens I’ve tried leave my skin feeling greasy  or  melt in the sun and run into my eyes and burn them.  I have found relief with Porselene’s SPF 30 Ultimate Complexion Protection, a great sunscreen that not only protects my skin but absorbs quickly without feeling greasy and stays put. I love that it not only protects my skin but conditions it and leaves my skin hydrated and luminous.

SPF 30 Ultimate Complexion Protection

Skin Types: All skin types, especially beneficial to the customer needing an oil free sunscreen lotion with skin mattifying properties.

* Protects skin from sun damage and prevents premature aging of the skin
* Maintains hydration while preventing shine
* Helps reverse sun damage and promotes bright complexion
* 4.1 oz /120 ml



Caviar Extract, is a wonder skincare ingredient it contains: proteins, vitamins, minerals, phospholipids and nucleic acids which, as a complex, effectively slows down the aging process in our skin cells. And as the cell format of caviar is very similar to the cell format of human skin, all these precious ingredients can easily penetrate our skin and restore it from within! 

Porslene’s  Skin Lightening & Firming Body Lotion is a must have skincare product, to get  your whole body smooth and luminous.

Porselene Skin Lightening & Firming Body Lotion
$ 48.00

Skin Benefits: Lighten, nurture and enrich your skin with this exquisite formulation for increased skin health, resilience and splendor. The distinctively superior qualities of this luxurious lotion is a result of the ingenious fusion of nutrient-rich Caviar Extract and select bio-herbal ingredients with remarkable skin lightening, skin renewing and skin conditioning properties. While the emulsion is designed to progressively and uniformly lighten your skin, it absorbs instantly to soften, moisturize and condition your skin. Constant use leaves the skin visibly illuminated, deeply hydrated and superbly conditioned with reduction in the appearances of cellulite and other skin irregularities.

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