Get a perfect airburshed tan at home!


Save your skin from the dangers of the sun and still have a beautiful tan this summer. Luminess Tan has an amazing at home airbrushing tan system with no odor, and no orange streaks you can have a beautiful tan at home in 30 minutes. A great features is being able to customize your color by building on your base or just leaving a light glow if you are a fair skinned gal like myself. 

If you are a fan of other airbrush tans or want to make a step up from the spray tan this is the set for you! You can save money by becoming your own airbrush expert the lightly tinted formula makes it a snap to apply flawlessly no blending needed.

Luminess Tan™ is a major breakthrough in home self tanning.

Because so little is known about airbrush tanning, it is easily confused with spray tanning. Airbrush tanning is the ultimate way to apply the smoothest, most natural lasting sunless tan. The secret is in the exact control application, which provides the most flawless results.

Our high performance tanning system has two major components. First, Luminess Tan™ features our highly innovative airbrush body application system. Do you know that Luminess® is the #1 brand in airbrush beauty and perhaps the largest manufacturer of personal airbrush systems in the world? Our technology is based on the principles of great results, ease of use, reliability and value. The airbrush system is comparable to those used in high end tanning salons & spas. Please don’t confuse airbrush tanning to misting booths, which are extremely messy.

The second component of Luminess Tan™ is our highly innovative tanning solution. The formulation features both an instant bronzer for immediate color and tanning actives designed to physically darken skin. Our formulation features dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is approved by the FDA for external use.

$129.00 Luminess Tan Airbrush Tanning System (or see website for payment plans)

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