Relief for tired eyes.


This time of year I’ve had such an issue with my allergies one of my major problems has been itchy, watery eyes.  I am so glad to have found something that soothes my eyes and doesn’t further irritate my allergies. Votre Vu’s Tout Le Monde is an amazing blue gel as soon as I apply it there is a cooling sensation. 

My favorite way to use it is as an eye masque I just put a generous dab on the skin jump in the bath and after about 15-20 minutes remove the excess gel and my eyes feel renewed again! 

Votre Vu TOUT LE MONDE Antioxidant Eye Gelée

ALL THE WORLD Antioxidant Eye Gel

A must for allergy prone, fatigued, overworked, under rested, puffy eyes everywhere. Enjoy the cooling and soothing effects of this fresh, transparent, aqua-blue moisturizing gel. Designed for the most expressive yet fragile part of the face, it hydrates, comforts, soothes and protects. Developed to improve the overall health, moisture level and quality of your skin, it firms, tones and tightens the entire eye area while reducing the depth of fine lines and wrinkles. Dark circles fade away into the sunset and puffiness deflates to reveal sleek, refreshed skin. It even helps make-up to stay put! With so many “super star” elements to mention, the formula list reads like a Who’s Who of Successful Ingredients.

$44.10 Votre Vu Tout Le Monde

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