Reader Question: Which at-home hair dye kit is best?


Question from Elaina in Grand Rapids:

I usually pay to have my hair dyed in a salon. Recently my husband was laid off, and we can’t afford things like salon trips anymore. My hair dresser has always told me not to dye my own hair, but I can’t avoid it any longer! Which brand of hair dye should I go with? Are there any that are better than the rest? Are there any I should really avoid? Thanks!

Answer from my hairdresser, Marci Wagner.  She’s been doing my hair for 5+ years, and I love her! If you live in the Portland, OR area – go see her, tell her I sent you!  She works at Bella Salon, in Beaverton, Oregon.

Hi Jocelyn,

So I would recommend first asking your stylist for your color formula he/she uses on you. Explain your situation and tell them you will be back as soon as you can but in the mean time you are trying to save money, she should give you your formula. Then go to a beauty supply store like Sally’s Beauty and they should be able to help you match your color formula. Another option is to try salons with apprentice programs. They are hairstylists that are already done with beauty school and are getting additional training and do services at a discounted rate.
Hopefully that helps!


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