Fun Recession Proof Bridal Gift Ideas


This was too funny, I had to post it.  Have you ever wanted to dye your hair, down there?

Wedding season is here and so is the stress that accompanies buying all the bridal gifts! Betty Beauty Inc. a unique and innovative cosmetic company has some fun recession proof bridal gift ideas, like Betty – color for the hair down there ($19.99 each). Keep your gift under $20 with these fun ideas:

  • Malibu Betty – Give the bride “something blue” the perfect for her wedding day
  • Fun Betty – A fun bridal shower gift ensures a blushing bride
  • Love Betty – Spice up the brides bedroom
  • READYbetty – Get Honeymoon ready with a complete grooming kit

No matter what you decide betty is the ultimate bridal gift or just a cute little surprise for your husband to be.  (Would your husband be “surprised” or scared if you had blue pubes?! I’m thinking scared!!)

$19.00 – BUY IT HERE!


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