Leighton Meester in InStyle Hair Magazine


How did you feel about becoming a brunette for Gossip Girl?

I’m naturally blond, but since my hair was bleached at the time, the dye soaked it up quickly and turned it green!  I didn’t cry, but I thought, I’d better get this part.  Fortunately, my roommate back then was a hairdresser, so he helped me fix it!

Is the color hard to maintain? 

My hairstylist dyes it for me every couple of months.  It looks even darker on the show, the way they style it and clip in extensions.  Sometimes, when my roots are coming in, they’ll spray brown color on them to blend it.  I’m a little serious, so I actually feel that being a brunette matches my personality more than the stereotypical blonde.

Have you picked up any secret hair tips from Strahan?

Yes! He tells me not to wash my hair every day.  I started following that advice, especially since the color fades so fast.  And ever since I bought a Mason Pearson brush, my hair is much healthier.  The brush is especially good in the winter, when little dreadlocks start to form in the back of my head!


Have you always had long hair?

I cut it about two years ago because it was super damaged, had too many layers, and was just a mess.  My hair is very fine so when I chopped into it, it looked like I had even less. And the style didn’treally work for the show because Blair is supposed to be very done up, so that hair was a little too edgy.

Are there any wild hairstyles lurking in your past? 

I’ve dyed my hair a million colors – purple was pretty crazy.  When I was doing the movie Drive Thru, my character was punked out, so I put black and bright red streaks in it.  At this point I don’t want to go too crazy with color because I know how long it takes to get my hair back to health.

You’re not wearing makeup and you look amazing.  How is that possible? 

Being a brunette complements my skin tone more so I can wear less makeup, which is totally my thing.  I also started a skin regimen: Before bed, I apply La Roche-Posay’s Cleansing Milk to my face with a cotton pad and use Evian Mineral Water Spray instead of hot water.

Would it be too soon if you never saw another headband again?  

I like headbands, but I’m definitely not as obsessed with them as Blair is.  Actually, I just got a couple, but they’re not very Blair-like.  They have little jewels on them.  I do wear hats a lot, though.  In the summer I’ll wear a nice straw hat that blocks the sun, or I’ll wear a cap or fedora to cover up bad hair days.


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