Two exciting products from Max Factor!


Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper!

I love this mascara.  These days, I can’t afford to spend $30 on mascara, so to find a comparable mascara for $10 or less is huge!! I tried this, and I really, really loved it! New Max Factor 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper creates lashes that look thicker, longer and sexier – instantly versus bare lashes.

Couple things I love about this mascara.  First, I love the brush.  The brush is so great, you get literally NO CLUMPS when you’re applying it.  Second, it goes on smoothly!  With other mascaras, it takes several applications to get the look you’re after, but not with this product.  You get the perfect look, after only a single application!  Third, I love that you can buy this mascara for a fraction of what you would spend on other comparable “high end” mascaras.  You’re saving at least half the money, and getting better mascara!

o MAX Factor is bringing the trend of prestige lash plumping to mass
o Increases thickness up to 2x versus bare lashes
o The patented Fat Wrap Brush is designed to grab every single lash, even the little ones
o The patented Fat Wrap formula works with the Fat Wrap Brush as it wraps around each and every lash for an extreme, voluptuous effect.
o 2000 Calorie Extreme Lash Plumper’s suggested retail price is $9.98 available at and


Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor!

Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor!

New Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor joins the bold Vivid Impact family as a standout lipcolor that tempts you to stray away from the predictable shade palette.  The ultra rich, pure pigment lipcolor offers head turning looks from classic to bold, but always vivid!

This lipstick is so fun!! I love the colors, and I love how it looks when it’s on my lips! It goes on smooth, and feels amazing (like chapstick!) and the color looks gorgeous!

o Ultra rich, pure color lipcolor that is not grayed-out or watered-down
o Preferred 2-1 over the number one prestige lip color for the most premium quality look
o P&G Global Creative Design Director Pat McGrath custom designed the fashion-forward shade palette
o The rich shea butter formula acts like a lip balm to help seal moisture into the lips and the luscious conditioners increase wearability to help keep true color intact
o The suggested retail price of Vivid Impact Lipcolor is $7.98 available at and

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