Brooke Shields talks plastic surgery!


Regarding plastic surgery, Brooke Shields says: “I don’t know how I’m going to feel in 10 years you know, when my face is down by my knees. I mean you know, who knows? I’ll just be wearing a lot of ponytails.”

Regarding working with Miley Cyrus, Shields says: “That girl doesn’t need any wisdom from anybody. She’s delightful and I couldn’t teach her a thing. She really got it. She’s very professional and they’re very close as a family so I was learning from her.”

Shields continues: “I grew up as a young person in the industry and I think I was very lucky. I didn’t succumb to a lot of pressure and a lot of temptation and I just got very lucky. I have longevity, which I think is something that is something to be proud of.”


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