Here comes the sun….

The sun is finally peeking its head out,  and its supposed to be back in the 70’s this weekend. I am really excited for the sun but now its more important to get great sun protection so I can enjoy the weather without damaging my skin or getting a sun burn.

I just found a great sunscreen line from Innovative Skincare. It blends really easily and has a great fresh scent on top of the usual lotion sunscreen their is a really easy to use powder sunscreen which is great for applying over makeup. I used it on a recent beach trip and came back with my skin nourished and tan free a friend used a different product and came home with a nasty sunburn. 

Give yourself the gift of beautiful and healthy skin now and in the future, try some of Innovative Skincare’s great sunscreen products!



The first sunscreen formula to offer complete protection and repair the damage caused by UV exposure. A ground breaking luxurious, daily wear lightweight cream, formulated using the latest micro-encapsulation technology. Also available in individual packets, which are convenient for packing or traveling.

Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
Microfine Zinc Oxide (2.94%)
Micro-encapsulated Octinoxate (4.45%)
Centella Asiatica
Pure Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol)
Olive Leaf Extract (Oleuropein)
Pure Aloe Vera.

$33.00 SPF 25 Treatment Sunscreen


SPF 20 Sunscreen Powder (Sun Medium)
A tinted version of the SPF 20 Sunscreen Powder, this amazing product gives the face a healthy “tan” glow immediately upon application. The tinted coloration blend is excellent for all skin types and ethnicities, blending easily with your natural skin tone. (Sun Medium)

Innovative Skincare’s Sunscreen Powders are excellent even for the most sensitive skin. This unique formulation is a combination of Micronized Titanium Dioxide and Microfine Transparent Zinc Oxide, which are the two finest “physical” UV blockers. This “natural” daily wear mineral powder applies easily through a retractable brush, without creating a pale look often associated with most forms of Titanium Dioxide. Safe for all ages and skin types, this odorless sunscreen can be applied and reapplied quickly and easily. The SPF Sunscreen Powder is also excellent for post-procedure (light skin peels, microdermabrasion, etc.)

$40.00 SPF 20 Sunscreen Powder

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