Introducing 2 new products from Anastasia!!!

I love Anastasia.  The woman has figured out how to perfect the eyebrow! Every time I get new products from Anastasia, I do a little happy dance in my living room.  These two new products did not disappoint!  The Brow Definer, is so perfect. It takes two of my favorite products, the Brow Pencil and the Brow Gel, and puts them together in one product!  It’s perfect!! (Have I said perfect too many times?)


Dual ended Brow Pencil and Brow Gel work together to create perfectly shaped brows. Use the velvety Ultimate Brown Brow Pencil to precisely fill and define. Use the Clear Brow Gel to keep unruly brows in place all day without flaking.

Beauty Tips:

  • Apply Brow Pencil using short strokes and a light touch to fill in the brow and extend where needed.
  • Withdraw wand of Brow Gel from tube and wipe excess product from around the base of the brush. Stroke gently upward and outward to achieve the most flattering shape.

$22.00 – BUY IT HERE!


This isn’t a brow product, but it’s just as good! Introducing Anastasia’s Lash Lifting Mascara!

One coat of this exclusive silky, non-clumping, double effect mascara will add full volume thickness and uplifting curl.

Beauty Tips:

  • Curl lashes with a lash curler.
  • Pull mascara upward and hold for a second, allowing waxes to hold lashes in place.
  • Use the slim end of brush to reach the corner of eyes

$22.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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