My Get Bright White Challenge! Week 4.


Week 4

I worry my pictures didn’t give the full extent of the great whitening these strips do. I use a daily whitening toothpaste so my teeth  are fairly white but at the tops near the gum line I can’t seem to get rid of the discoloration. You can tell by my final picture even the tops of my teeth are now white. So no matter how much or little whitening you need Crest Advanced Strips are an easy addition to your day that will make a huge difference in your smile.

Week 3

It has been surprisingly easy to make Crest White Strips a part of my day. It’s now so easy I can do it without a mirror, the super strong adhesive means I can be chatting with my husband about my day (i.e. how crazy the kids have been and how I need a back massage and vacation;)  ) and working on dinner while my teeth continue to whiten. I am really excited about how much whiter they are looking I think I need to reward myself with a great new lipstick to show them off!

Week 2

Sticking to a whitening schedule had been easier than I would have guessed. The new Crest Advanced Seal helps the strips really stick to my teeth so I can continue to go about my daily activities while I whiten. The first few times I was getting the hang of getting the strips on just right and now it is second nature. The strips stick so well I can still chat on the phone and go about my day instead of being frozen for 30 minutes. I can already tell my teeth look brighter!

Week 1

I am part of a great new challenge to get my teeth bright white. I will be tracking my progress every Monday to update our readers on how my smile is looking.

How am I going to get this great pearly white smile you ask? With the new Crest Whitestrips Advanced seal –  a new whitestrip that instantly molds and adheres to teeth so that users can eat and drink while whitening.

So come with me on my journey to a better smile and if anyone wants to join me I would love to get email updates as you whiten your own smiles along with me.

Have a great week! Keep Smiling,


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