My Get Bright White Challenge! Week 3.


Week 3

It has been surprisingly easy to make Crest White Strips a part of my day. It’s now so easy I can do it without a mirror, the super strong adhesive means I can be chatting with my husband about my day (i.e. how crazy the kids have been and how I need a back massage and vacation;)  ) and working on dinner while my teeth continue to whiten. I am really excited about how much whiter they are looking I think I need to reward myself with a great new lipstick to show them off!

Week 2

Sticking to a whitening schedule had been easier than I would have guessed. The new Crest Advanced Seal helps the strips really stick to my teeth so I can continue to go about my daily activities while I whiten. The first few times I was getting the hang of getting the strips on just right and now it is second nature. The strips stick so well I can still chat on the phone and go about my day instead of being frozen for 30 minutes. I can already tell my teeth look brighter!

Week 1

I am part of a great new challenge to get my teeth bright white. I will be tracking my progress every Monday to update our readers on how my smile is looking.

How am I going to get this great pearly white smile you ask? With the new Crest Whitestrips Advanced seal –  a new whitestrip that instantly molds and adheres to teeth so that users can eat and drink while whitening.

So come with me on my journey to a better smile and if anyone wants to join me I would love to get email updates as you whiten your own smiles along with me.

Have a great week! Keep Smiling,


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