Want to advertise on Make Her Up?

There are many spots available for advertising on Make Her Up.  These spots are available, and are affordable! No price is ever set, so contact me, and we’ll work something out! See below.

Spot 1: This appears at the top of the website.  It is the most sought after spot.  Ad size may go up to 300×250.  Minimum: 1 Week, Maximum: Unlimited!


Spot 2: This ad appears in between our posts.  It is integrated into the actual content of the site.  This is a GREAT spot, because your ad will appear in with the content of the site! This ad size may go up to 375×375.   Minimum: 1 Week, Maximum: Unlimited!


Spot 3: This ad appears on the single-post pages.  It appears right above the comment box.  It is the first ad the viewer will see when they go to leave a comment.   Ad size may go up to 300×250.  Minimum: 1 Week, Maximum: Unlimited!


Spot 4: Don’t have an ad you want to place on our site?  Do you have a product you would like us to promote?  We will promote your product in a very detailed post.  We will tell people to buy the product from wherever you like.  If you are wanting us to promote your website, we can do that as well.  This is very affordable, and you should discuss it with us further!

Any questions – and all talk of money can be done by reaching us at makeherup@hotmail.com!

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