Zeno Mini- The power to zap blemishes in the palm of your hand!


Zeno Mini technology makes 90% of pimples disappear or fade significantly within 24-48 hours, and for treating acne pimples, it’s the most scientifically advanced and effective device available without a prescription.

Zeno Mini

• A lightweight, handheld, portable electronic beauty device that is clinically proven to make more than 96% of pimples disappear or fade significantly within 24-48 hours

• Treats individual pimples with a revolutionary, patented and proprietary technology called ClearPoint™ that delivers a safe and painless dose of heat to a blemish to kill the bacteria that causes it to surface and worsen

• FDA approved and dermatologist recommended

• Safe, natural and chemical-free

• Applies the latest in scientific, medical and electronic technology to the treatment of blemishes

• Treats blemishes in just two-and-a-half minutes and may be done anytime, anywhere, with no down time.

• Won’t leave skin feeling dry, out of balance or flaky

• No doctor’s visit or prescription is needed to purchase or use a Zeno Mini

• Clinical trials indicate there are no side effects associated with using a Zeno during pregnancy and while nursing or while using over-the-counter treatments

• May be purchased at major department, beauty and drug stores nationwide and online for a suggested $89

• Operates on two AAA batteries (included), is easy to maintain and requires no cleaning or special care

Zeno ClearPoint Technology

• A proprietary and patented technology developed by Zeno Corporation that uses the science of heat to kill the bacteria that causes roughly 90% of all blemishes

• Has an internal microprocessor to modulate the temperature continually to match the heat absorption of the individual user

• Has an internal timer to control precisely the two-and-a-half minute treatment time

$89.00 Zeno Mini

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