New Tresemme 24 Hour Body Collection


 I have naturally thick hair so I worried that using the Tresemme 24hr body foaming mousse would make me look like a lion. After giving it a few test runs though I love it, instead of my hair doing its usual chia pet frizz look as the day progressed I had the same great even volume throughout the day! My hair stayed smooth and soft the whole day, it works great when I style my hair with hot rollers the curls look perfect and stay intact and smooth all day .


Tresemme 24 hour body foaming mousse
Lightweight, maximum hold mousse that will pump up your hair’s volume to incredibly new heights.

Volume Control Complex builds body that will outlast even your longest day.
This product gives your hair a light, fluffy texture and weightless volume that never feels sticky or stiff.
The foaming formula works in tandem with your heat styling tools to maintain optimal body and bounce.

$4.49 Tresemme 24 Hour Body Foaming Maximum Hold Hair Mousse


This is a great root boosting spray! My hair is naturally thick and it tends to look really full on the bottom but the weight of my hair flattens the top leaving me frustrated. I have tried a few root boosters in the past but ended up tossing them because they either left my hair sticky or just didn’t work.

Tresemme’s new 24hr root boosting spray was easy to work through my hair without being sticky and it smells great. My roots had body all day and it really helped the weigh down problem I have with my hair.

Tresseme 24 hour body root boost
A weightless styling spray that builds awe-inspiring body and bounce to give your hair (and your day!) a little lift.

This product with Volume Control Complex fortifies your roots with volume that will last for as long as your day (and night) goes on.
Thickens up your hair to provide the perfect base for gorgeous body.

It’s ultra-light and won’t weigh down your hair or let it fall limp throughout the day.

Zap flat roots without washing your hair by blasting them with 24 Hour Root Boost and then blow-drying.

$4.49 Tresseme 24 hour body root boost

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