Hot Hair of the Week: Bella Swan from "Twilight"‏


Hmmm…Bella’s headband looks suspiciously like Goody’s StayPut™ Hold Tight. Stay Tight. Headband! You too can create Bella’s look from the hit movie AND keep your hair in place, thanks to Goody’s innovative StayPut™ technology!

The patent-pending technology incorporates an innovative tread design that prevents Goody StayPut™ from slipping or rolling. Despite its amazing hold, Goody StayPut™ is still easy to remove without pulling out or damaging your hair. Additionally, through competitive testing, Goody StayPut™ headbands had 39% more holding power over traditional headbands!

** And don’t forget about Goody’s line of Ouchless® brushes and combs to get your hair movie star ready before putting on your headband! **


Goody® StayPut™ Hold Tight. Stay Tight. Headband – $5.99 (at your local drugstore)


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