Got 2b CrazySleek


My natural curl is almost impossible to remove completely by myself even with a flat iron. I have tried and tried to recreate that perfect salon blowout but I always still find clumps of curls. At the store this weekend I was looking for a new and low cost product that would help smooth my hair and decided to try Got 2b CrazySleek.

After washing my hair I worked the lotion through to the ends and got to work blow drying and flat ironing. I am really impressed by how well my hair straightened no clumps of curls to be found. On top of getting my hair being really straight my hair also remained soft enough for me to run my fingers through without any tell tale flat iron dry out. I loved this product and with a coupon at Fred Meyer it was only $3.99!  Can’t wait to try more from the Got 2b line.

Got2b crazysleek

4:  heat-activated straightening

  • smooth
  • protect
  • hold

Works with the heat of your blow dryer and flat iron to deliver
long-lasting, smooth hair that resists curling.  Provides thermal

$5.99 Got 2b CrazySleek

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