Get the Look: The "Patty Cake Curl" As Seen on "The City"


As seen on the style-making show “The City,” hair-curling drama takes on a whole new meaning! Both Olivia and Whitney have worn long, flowing and natural curls that evoke a vintage glamour.

These easy-to-follow tips from stylist Ryan Nickulas of the Ryan Darius Salon in the West Village will help you achieve this look, which he calls the “Patty Cake Curl,” the type of flowing curl that flaunts a perfect circle after you wrap hair around the fingers.

· Part hair in the middle or to either side.

· Take a small or large section of hair and wrap it around your finger in a circle to create a pin curl.

· Take a flat iron and close it around the curl. (Make sure that you remove your finger from the curl first!!)

· Press the iron closed for 15-20 seconds to create the perfect curl that a curling iron can’t achieve.

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