Jessica Simpson's beauty tip: Only wash your hair two to three times, a month!


Can you imagine!  I mean, I know you’re not supposed to wash your hair everyday.  I wash my hair probably 3 times a week… but three times a MONTH!? I can’t imagine how nasty your hair would get!  Especially if you keep layering on product!

Jessica Simpson keeps her blonde locks looking gorgeous by listening to her mane man, celebrity stylist Ken Paves. So when Ken – who also works with Eva Longoria Parker and Jennifer Lopez – told her to shampoo only two to three times a month, she took his advice. Unfortunately, though, it has gotten the singer into some hair situations. “Jess’ tresses are often greasy, but she hides it well, an insider tells Star. “She wears hats or reaches for the Hairdo, the clip-on extension line she created with Ken.” And if her hair starts to smell a bit funky, adds the insider, she just spritzes it with perfume – from her own line, of course!

Here is Jessica Simpson in January’s Marie Claire Magazine.  Enjoy!


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