New product review! Murad Skin Perfecting Lotion!


On this same trip to Sephora, I also needed to pick up a new face lotion.  I hate trying to find a good face lotion.  I think my face is a snob, because the only ones that seem to work for me, cost $30 or more.  When I ran out of my absolute favorite face lotion, N.V. Perricone’s Firming Moisturizer ($280!) I had to turn to other options.  I would never spend $280 on face lotion, by the way. It was sent to me back in April, and I’ve been slowly using it…trying to save every last drop.  But alas – I got to the bottom, and it’s gone.  May it rest in peace.

Moment of silence.

Anyway, so the only other face lotion I had at home was Aveda’s Hydrating Lotion.  It’s supposed to be quick-absorbing…but it’s not.  (At least not on my skin).  Within a week, I had a mini break-out, and that hasn’t happened to me in ages.  I had to quit using it – and I banished it back to under the sink (until I run out of my next face lotion).

While trying to find the perfect face lotion – I found myself standing in front of Murad’s products.   I was trying to hurry – because I brought my boys with me, and they were running around Sephora screaming “Ew! You can see her boob!” (Don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but they have pictures of half-naked women all over the place.  I had never noticed before, but leave it to my 8 and 6 year old boys to point it out to me.)  Anyway, back to my point.  I’m quickly trying to pick a face lotion (by now the boys are running around sticking their fingers into all the samples), and I grab Murad’s Skin Perfecting Lotion.  I ask the Sephora saleswoman if it’s a good lotion, she says yes, and I immediately pay for it – and head home.

I love this lotion for two reasons.  First – because you only need a teeeeenie tiny amount to cover your face.  Should last me quite some time.  Second of all – and most important, it dries completely – leaving my skin feeling hydrated and not the slightest bit greasy.  It absorbs completely leaving my skin soft as a baby’s butt.

Every type of skin needs hydration, even blemish-prone and oily skin. This ultra light, oil-free moisturizer leaves skin perfectly hydrated every day without any residue. Skin is soothed, softened, renewed, and protected with algae extract, panthenol, retinol, and our exclusive AHA/BHA complex with powerful antioxidants.

$33.00 – and worth every penny!  BUY IT HERE!

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