New product review! L'Occitane Rice Foaming Cleanser.


I’ve been broke forever, and haven’t been able to buy any new skincare products.  Usually I am sent more than enough products to keep my skin in tip-top shape, but I haven’t seen any in some time!  So I had to break down and go to Sephora and look for an inexpensive face wash.  I looked through the major brands, and they were all out of my price range.  I headed over to L’Occitane to get a sample of the hand lotion (something I do everytime I go to Sephora) and I noticed they had a foaming cleanser for only $18.00!  I grabbed it up, and headed over to face lotions (will review that one next).

What I love about this cleanser is how little you need for each wash.  It takes only one pump of cleanser to get enough foam to wash your whole face.  It foams up beautifully, and washes away any makeup.  I love it. I’ll probably use this again next time.  Being soap-free, it’s gentle enough for sensitive skin, and it has made my skin very happy.

Rice Foaming Cleanser by L’Occitane is a soap-free cleanser enriched with rice.

L’Occitane Rice Foaming Rice Cleanser
transforms into an ultra-light foam on contact with water and eliminates makeup, impurities, and excess oil. Skin is left perfectly clean, incredibly soft, clear, and pure.

The soap-free cleanser is enriched with rebalancing zinc and red rice extract from France, as well as astringent red rice vinegar.

$18.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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