Cashmere for under $2?


I recently tried and was pleasantly surprised with LA Looks Cashmere Curls. At under $2.00 I wondered how well it could really work but with the economy in the dumps even a beauty addict has to be open minded. I noticed right away how light Cashmere Curls was, it left no sticky or crunchy residue in my hair. It really helped define my curls and kept the frizz at bay, a great value for a great product.
La Looks Gel #8 Cashmere Curls

  • Enriched with Real Cashmere Extract
  • Made with TriActive Hold Ingredients for Absolute Fixation
  • Gives your Hair Absolute Resistance and Durability
  • Provides a Long Lasting Hold while Accentuating your Curls
  • Leaves your Curls feeling as soft and smooth

$1.99 La Looks Gel #8 Cashmere Curls

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