Eco-Friendly Beauty!


According to the Daily Makeover’s style authority, Rachel Hayes, one trend that’s steadily gaining in popularity is eco-friendly beauty. It’s a perspective that pampers skin, hair and the environment, leaving everything it touches looking fabulous!

Here are some of Rachel’s favorite tips for earth-loving beauty:

1. Save water by turning it off while you are waiting for your hair conditioner or mask to sink in. This could also be a great time to do a body scrub because the water won’t rinse it immediately off your body.

2. Pick a body or face scrub that has naturally-sourced granules like crushed almond or walnut. Synthetic beads may not be biodegradable and are not the kind of fish food we want our marine life consuming.

3. Use bar hand soap instead of liquid hand soap. Not only does it last longer (which saves money), but it also has a smaller carbon footprint because there is less packaging and plastic.

4. Whip up your own beauty treatments instead of buying prepackaged ones. Olive oil makes a great all around moisturizer – rub it on cuticles while you’re cooking! It’s also great for dry ends of hair.

5. Don’t be over-served! Making your products last as long as possible will reduce your overall consumption of packaging, materials, and the carbon footprint that comes along with it. Use only a dime-size of shampoo, a quarter size of conditioner, a pea size of face cream, and a shot-glass size of body lotion.

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