Perfect Stocking Stuffer!


Anastasia just continues to come up with amazing products, and priced so everyone can afford them! They have hit the nail on the head again with this wonderful, new collection!  How excited would you be to see this in your stocking this year?  Men, if you’re reading this (your secret’s safe with me!) pick this up for your wife or girlfriend, and they’ll forever thank you!

Mini Brow Kit is a miniature set of Anastasia’s essential tools.

Anastasia Mini Brow Kit includes mini must-have versions of Matte Camille Highlighter, Tweezers, and Clear Brow Gel. The calibrated tension of the Mini Tweezers does not break the hair and cleaning up unwanted brow hair is a snap. Mini Matte Camille Highlighter tricks the light by bringing subtle focus to the eye area and the Mini Clear Brow Gel helps to hold pesky brow hair in place. It’s the perfect miniature brow kit for any woman on the go!

This set includes:
– Mini Matte Camille Highlighter
– Mini Tweezers
– Mini Clear Brow Gel

Size: 0.04 oz Mini Clear Brow Gel/ 0.095 oz Mini Matte Highlighter

$25.00 – BUY IT HERE!

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