Not just for windows!


So over the last few weeks the cold air and constant hand washing has been starting to irritate my hands. Especially my ring finger with both the bands of my wedding ring my finger was staying a little wet and the skin was getting really irritated. I decided I needed to take my ring off to let my finger get some fresh air. The problem I have had my wedding ring on for four years straight I just stopped taking it off at some point and now it doesn’t want to move.

I tried a few things like cold water, lotion, oil but nothing seemed to work. I finally checked the Internet and everyone was raving about Windex to remove rings. It sounded a little weird but I figured it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. I had generic Windex but a lot of reviewers said it worked just fine. I squirted my finger a few times and after a minute of twisting and pulling it slid off!

A great at home trick, I don’t know how I survived before google. My hand now feels great and I have learned my lesson about leaving my ring on so long.


Thanks to its key ingredient, Ammonia-D ®, Windex ® Original works great for fast and easy cleaning of tough dirt and grime. Use it on glass, mirrors, chrome, plastic, stainless steel, and other surfaces in your kitchen, living room, patio, bedroom, bathroom, and car — everywhere you want a streak-free shine! Windex ® Original works harder because it works before you wipe!

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