Awesome haircare line: ICON

I have EXTREMELY fussy hair.  It never does what I want it to.  It’s either too frizzy, or too oily, I have a hard time getting the perfect balance in between.  So I loooooooooove getting hair products, because I’m waiting to find that perfect combo to make my hair really beautiful!

I’m broke as a joke these days, so I’ve been dying my hair myself.  This makes my hair a little more brittle, and so  good products is a must.

When I was sent these three products to try, I was so pumped.  And I was even more excited to find out that they really are amazing.  Together, they make the perfect hair combination!  My hair is left shinier, healthier, and softer.  Can’t go wrong there, can you!

I had never heard of ICON before, so I want to introduce them to you – and hopefully you guys will check them out over at Planet Beauty.


Icon DRENCH Moisture Shampoo: Ideal for dry color, chemically treated hair. Helps repair dry, brittle, unruly hair while infusing moisture. Delivers shine and hydration whitouth weighting the hair down.

Icon FREE Conditioner: Lightweight detangling cream with proteins to leave hair feeling healthier and stronger. Use daily on any hair type, after shampooing and rinse completely for conditioned shine.

Icon INNER Moisture Mask: Reconstructs dry, damaged, brittle hair with strenghtening proteins that add moisture, manageability and shine. Use on lightly towel dried hair, applying roots to ends. Leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes before rinsing.

For all these items, check out Planet Beauty!

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