Beauty on a Budget


With prices on everything soaring my family has had to tighten the budget. Instead of a heading out for for a relaxing pedicure or shopping I have had to find a way to be more frugal.  With the weather change I have headed to my bath for my little relaxation time.

I find so many bath products I love but a lot of them can be too pricey or have a laundry list of mystery ingredients. I have found a great bath product that is not only inexpensive but also natural and organic. On top of being good for your skin they smell and work great.

I am obsessed with both the Love and Nighty Nite lines from EO Products. The bubbles and bath salts smell great and my skin feels so moisturized once I get out of the bath. Depending on the set you purchase some have candles great for burning while you are in the bath and once they melt it’s a massage oil! Genius! The room spray completes the spa experience all this for under $15.00.

A great Christmas gift for loved ones but make sure you get one for yourself!


Relax and inhale the beneficial healing properties of Blue Chamomile and Lavender essential oils as you let go of your troubles. The apple like aroma of Blue Chamomile is a soothing antiseptic that nurtures all skin types helping to reverse dryness and eczema. Lavender tones and balances, naturally renewing skin health with its therapeutic properties. These two healing botanicals will nurture and protect your skin on a daily basis as you breathe deeply and drift off to a dream filled slumber.

$14.99 Night Nite Gift Set

Check out the whole line here: or at your local Whole Foods Market.

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