Better than Botox?


Mlab is a luxury beauty product but the high potency of the active ingredients make it worth every penny. Being hailed as better than Botox Mlab is getting rave reviews from customers and dermatologists. Mlab’s travel kit is a great introduction to the line all wrapped up in a perfect little travel kit!  Here is what some of the Mlab’s customers are saying:

“In 28 years of practicing dermatology, I have never seen such impressive, impactful and in fact unprecedented results from any topical skincare product in producing improvements in facial color, texture and fine lines, in both the patient’s observations and mine.”
– Neal B. Schultz, M.D., Park Avenue Skin Care, New York, New York

“Everybody asks me what I did to my skin “my god you have a glow”. I love the way it feels. I even stopped my Retin-A and glycolic because of this and I’m thrilled.”
– Maria, New York, New York

“I love the consistency of the M Lab anti-aging eye cream! The lines around my eyes look softer and I noticed it definitely had a firming effect.”
– Mandy, London, England

“I am able to say without hesitation that this is the finest cream my face has ever been treated to! Not only do I see an improvement in the fine lines, but I do believe that several scars that I have had for a number of years and the crease lines between my brows have begun to fade. All this in addition to the luxurious feel of the cream on my skin.”
– Irene, Boston, Massachusetts

“One woman saw me a month ago, and then saw me last Saturday. She wanted me to confess to Botox!”
– Laura, Los Angeles, California

MLAB Travel Kit 

M LAB’s efficacious and luxurious anti-aging formulations were created with the highest levels of clinically active ingredients for skin firming, the reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and the improvement of skin clarity, color and texture.
M LAB Travel Collection contains: anti-aging cleanser (50mL), anti-aging toner (50mL), anti-aging treatment cream (15mL), anti-aging treatment serum (5mL), anti-aging day treatment SPF 15 (15mL), and anti-aging eye cream (3mL)

$130.00 MLAB Travel Kit

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