BADgal Plum!


I love BADgal lash it’s a great mascara for both length and fullness. I am super excited about the new BADgal Plum mascara that Benefit just released. I am obsessed with Plum for fall and this will go perfect with my Loose Lips NY Plumpkin Eyeshadow!

 Benefit BADgal plum

Product Description:
Intensify your natural eye color with BADgal plum. This rich, luxurious plum mascara brings out any eye color! If you wear brown mascara, this is your new brown! It’s the same famous BADgal lash formula & voluminous brush for lavishly long lashes.

Tips and tricks: Not sure what kind-a BADgal you were born to be? We’ll help you decide. If you want to warm up & intensify your pretty peepers, BADgal plum is for you. Can’t live without your black mascara? Add pretty plum to the tips of your lashes for a sweet & sexy lash look.

$19.00 Benefit BADgal Pum

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