Lisa Hoffman skincare- Luxury to go.


Lisa Hoffman (wife of Dustin Hoffman) created a luxury skincare line to fit her busy life focused on  high quality, organized and easy to travel with products. A  great product from her line the Spa Packette’s are perfect for an at home spa day or for a special night away.

I have been dying to try this line since I received it in the mail. I carved out a little time after dinner at took a little at home spa time strictly for research purposes! I love that it comes in little ampules it would be perfect to take while you are traveling but also compact enough to not overtake your bathroom. Each tube can be used for a single application or resealed if you want to stretch it out.

One of my favorite items from the spa packette has to be the body wash, I finally undestand what people mean by luxurious foam. Instead of normal bubbles when I put a little body wash on my bath puff it made the most fluffy creamy foam that smells as decadent as it feels.

After using the wash I followed with the body polish and both creams, my skin feels amazing tonight you I feel like I just spent a day at the spa.

Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Packette

A complete bath care regimen offered in a portable and resealable packette. Each airtight ampoule contains the following products: Bath Soak, Body Wash, Body Polisher, Body Cream, and Hand & Foot Butter.

$25.00 Lisa Hoffman Spa Bath Packette

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