World Sight Day 2008, Thursday October 8th. And Contest!

World Sight Day 2008

This is a cause close to my heart, my mom was rushed into emergency eye surgery this summer. She has a great optometrist who was checking her eye and noticed her retina was tearing and could detach if left untreated leaving her blind. Thanks to his expertise her eye is now healed and she is back to normal vision, without good preventive care for my mom and others its too easy for unnecessary blindness to occur.

Thursday 9th October

Eye on the Future:
Fighting Vision Impairment in Later Life

Word Sight Day is an annual day of awareness coordinated by the Vision 2020 Global Initiative and the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). Its aim is to raise global attention concerning the current reality of 300 million people living with blindness and vision impairments worldwide. On WSD, Vision 2020 members work together to:

  • Raise awareness of vision impairments and blindness, an international public health issues.
  • Involve and influence governing health ministries to distribute funds and resources for national blindness prevention programs.
  • Inform of targeted assemblies of the Vision 2020 initiative, as well as generating more support for its program activities.

World Sight Day 2008 is scheduled to open the eyes of the world on Thursday 9th October 2008.

Why World Sight Day?

World Site Day is a global event included in the World Health Organization’s official calendar and held every second Thursday of October. World Sight Day 2008 will focus on the Ageing Eye:

* About 300 million people are living with a serious vision impairment
* 90 % live in developing countries with little chance of proper treatment.
* More than 80 % of the people living with blindness are over 50 years of age
* Yet 75 % of blindness cases are preventable, curable, or treatable. Over 150 million people live with defective eyesight simply because of uncorrected refractive errors.

We urge you to visit and for more information on how you can help!


Win Free
Contact Lenses

Enter our World Sight Day competition and you can win:


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From now until October 31st 2008, you can enter our prize draw competition. Click here to enter.

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