Out with black nails in with black lips?


Limited Edition

AS SEEN IN VOGUE (see below), this limited edition must-have item is available now.

A cosmetic jewel that turns lips into a spectacular fashion statement.

Mysterious, sensual, luminous… For fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, black is THE color. And as a make-up artist, lips are THE focus. YSL GLOSS PUR Black unites these two facets of his art in a superb Limited Edition.

From plum to ebony, it dresses lips in an infinite range of shades, depending on how it is applied – feather light or rich and bold. Transparent yet intense, it plays on the depths of black and the pure shine of a sparkle-free formula.

Besides being the must-have make up item for Fall 2008, Gloss Pur Black is a preview of a new formula which will launch in Spring 2009, in 6 radiant shades, full of pure color and high shine.

$28.00 YSL Gloss PUR BLACK


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