An eyeshadow that last longer than me!


When I first opened my little pot of Loose Lips NY Indelible creme shadow I was worried that though I loved the plum color it was too heavy for a shadow. I was happy to see how buildable the color was though I could keep it really light or add a little more for a dramatic look.

The most amazing thing about Indelible Creme Shadow is how long it lasts. I applied it first thing in the morning and at 11pm the color was still as vibrant as when I applied it and it has little tiny sparkles that make your eyes look great without overwhelming it truly lives up to its indelible name!

Indelible Creme Eye Shadow

Do you love our indelible gel eye liner? Well you will just adore our newest member to our family- the creme eye shadow. Goes on like a creme, but dries as a powder. Waterproof and long wearing. Use to apply with a brush or you can just dab on with your finger tip. Blends well and is so easy to use.


$16.00 Indelible Creme Shadow

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