Finally an ANSR for acne?


How does ANSR work?

ANSR PREP: PREP cleanses the skin for enhanced effectiveness of the phototherapy treatment. The ANSR: BEAM blue light waves kill the bacteria and ensuing infection, while the red light waves rapidly heal the skin. ANSR: NIGHT inhibits the excess secretions that create blemishes, while ANSR: DAY adds a moisturizing element to the acne fighting ingredients to keep skin balanced.

ANSR BEAM: Harmless phototonic energy is utilized by the ANSR: BEAM to assist healing deep below the skin’s surface. The healing light is produced by a special high intensity LED (light-emitting diode) and absorbed by the skin and cells in the body. This light, sometimes called photolight therapy or phototherapy, is converted into chemical energy, which initiates a cascade of events at the cellular level.

The ANSR: BEAM utilizes narrow-band, high-intensity blue and red photolight wave applications for treating acne. Blue light waves (430 nm) are precise wavelengths of light energy that are selectively delivered to the targeted area beneath the skin. Bacteria that causes inflammation associated with acne is known as Propionobacterium Acnes or P.acnes. P.acnes release porphyrins, which absorb the photolight energy and in effect, self-destruct. By removing P.acnes, inflammation disappears and acne clears up. A different photolight wavelength than skin-damaging ultraviolet light, blue light safely kills bacteria without causing dryness, redness or pain.

Red photolight wavelengths (660nm) are longer wavelengths that are able to penetrate the skin more deeply. Red photolight stimulates the collagens to create new, healthier cells – up to 200% more rapidly. In addition to new cell growth, the inflammatory process is slowed down thus curbing the acne cycle. As healthier cells crowd out inflamed and infected cells, the skin becomes noticeably clearer.

Scientists have concluded that the synergistic effect of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory photolight wavelengths creates a safe and effective modality for improving acne.

ANSR TOPICALS: ANSR:’s scientific research team developed a special set of paraben free, acne-fighting topical lotions to help control acne and breakouts.

ANSR: PREP uses a precise combination of salicylic acid, scrubbing beads and exfoliating cleansers to help eliminate bacteria, slough off dead skin cells and remove excess oils to prepare the skin for light therapy application. The cleaner the skin, the deeper the BEAM can penetrate to accomplish its vital restorative work.

ANSR: DAY containshas AURAZIN™, a proprietary combination of natural ingredients that helps inhibit the thickening of skin oils so that they can pass freely up the hair follicles and safely onto the surface of the skin. This helps to keep oils from clogging the pores, preventing outbreaks. The DAY combines salicylic acid, minerals, botanicals and the AURAZIN™ acne-fighting formula with a gentle, non-greasy moisturizer. The skin is nourished and hydrated, and at the same time, more effectively protected against future outbreaks.

ANSR: NIGHT is a more concentrated version of the daytime lotion, but without a moisturizer. Also formulated with AURAZIN™, salicylic acid, minerals, and botanicals, NIGHT helps inhibit the thickening of skin oils, allowing the thinner oils to flow freely to the surface without clogging pores. Unlike its harsh counterparts, this easy-to-absorb gel works throughout the night to help stop acne in its tracks — below the skin’s surface.


ANSR: PREP Wet face and gently massage the refreshing cleanser into a lather. Leave on your skin for an additional 20 seconds to allow the ingredients to work. If drying of the skin occurs, start by leaving ANSR: Prep on the skin for 5 seconds, and gradually build up to the full 20 second application. Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry. Avoid eye area when cleansing with PREP.

ANSR: BEAM Once you’ve thoroughly cleansed your skin, you’re ready to apply both BLUE and RED photolight to the affected areas. Press the BEAM “ON” button for BLUE LIGHT and place directly on the skin. The BEAM will vibrate slightly to let you know it’s working. Using a slow, sweeping motion, gently run the unit along the surface of your skin for 5 minutes. BEAM will then automatically switch to deep penetrating RED LIGHT waves for 5 minutes, followed by automatic shut-off. (You can manually cycle from BLUE to RED by switching the button off and then on again.)

ANSR: DAY After treatment with light, apply a layer of DAY lotion to acne prone areas. Gently massage until absorbed into the skin. If drying of the skin occurs, begin with a spot application, and gradually build up to application over the entire afflicted area. You may apply makeup directly following application of ANSR: Day.

ANSR: NIGHT Cleanse skin and treat with light, as in the morning. Apply a layer of NIGHT gel to acne prone areas. Gently massage until absorbed into skin. If drying of the skin occurs, begin with a spot application, and gradually build up to application over the entire afflicted area.

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September 12th, 2008 at 1:46 pm

Let me tell you – I’m one of those faces on ANSR. I’ve had acne for most of my life. This stuff is truly amazing. It’s so amazing I recommend it which I don’t do very often. It’s not a cure, it is an effective manager for problem skin. Let me tell you fellow acne sufferers, it is possible to have skin that glows and looks healthy. It heals the damage. It reduces the acne. It promotes healthy, glowing skin. Try it. All you’ll lose are the pimples.

September 25th, 2008 at 12:46 pm

I like the information provided on your blog. Getting rid of acne at times could be time taking but if done properly could be gotten rid of in time. Great site you have too. Can i come back sometimes and leave comment on various subjects posted here?

September 28th, 2008 at 2:59 pm

Since ANSR beam is made of LED light. This wave is the same as the blue and red LED flashlight. I don’t think people would spend hundreds dollars on just a LED lights. If you want to try, just go to any stores, and buy the LED flashlight (it only cost about 5~15 US dollars), and then using on your face. I recommend WHITE LED one, because white color cover all the waves (include blue, red, green…etc.) Overall, in a scientific way looking about ANSR. If they’re really working on treating ACNE, it won’t be that Beam, it’s actually their’s solution on cleansing and lotions. At the end, honestly, I haven’t heard anyone or any scientists says about Light beam (LED) will cure the acne. This ANSR Beam thing is just a scam.

September 29th, 2008 at 3:27 pm

I am on week 3 using the ANSR system. My face doing so well!

October 10th, 2008 at 11:46 am

Hi Stephen – just wanted to respond to your comment about the LED light. Unfortunately, applying an LED lightbulb to your face won’t have the same effects. The ANSR: BEAM (along with other handheld LED or phototherapy devices) deliver specific wavelengths of LED light (that’s what makes the light blue or red). These wavelengths have been tested by scientists and dermatologists to determine which wavelengths are most effective in treating certain skin ailments or disorders.

The blue light in the ANSR: BEAM has been scientifically proven to kill acne-causing bacteria (called P. Acnes) and the red light stimulates collagen production to heal the damage caused by acne breakouts – it even treats fine lines and wrinkles.

You can learn more about phototherapy at:

April 25th, 2009 at 1:08 am

hi. i was really being positive and was very hope filled about this product. i had given up on lotions and face washes, i have tried everything. i was so convinced by the infomercial and the special on the news that i went and bought it the next day.

i have been using Ansr for ONE week exactly and i don’t have any results yet. i still break out like normal, if anything maybe a little more broken out. i’m going to try it for a couple more weeks, i understand that i have to be patient and give it time to work, but so far i am not happy with the lack of results.

i really thought this was gonna work. maybe there is nothing that will help me.

September 25th, 2009 at 3:33 pm

Introducing the world’s first 5 spectrum hybrid led grow panel, the ISIS family of LED grow lights.

December 25th, 2009 at 3:06 pm

I have used this on my skin for a few months. It wrked great. Then as soon as I ran out of the cleanser and lotion my skin started to go bk to how it was. It is a con. Do not buy it unless you have the funds to keep topping up the expensive lotions

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