My love affair with Zoya.


I rarely ever wear polish on my finger nails, I love how it looks but I hate that by sundown on the second day of wear I have major chip issues. When I was younger I would try all different brands and topcoats only to get chips or wear at the nail ends within a day or two.

Once I had kids I just gave up painting my finger nails, with the constant hand washing and cleaning it would be impossible to keep polish on my nails right? Wrong! After Zoya offered us a special MakeHerUp trio I decided to order some myself. I painted my toes and was happy enough but one color I had ordered (Casey) was dying to be on my fingers. So last Sunday I decided to get wild and crazy and paint my fingernails. Well here I am half way through Thursday and my polish still looks amazing, 5 days later!.

I am a Zoya convert they really do have the longest lasting nail polish if you have yet to try it don’t put it off. They just might make you want to paint your finger nails again.


$6.00 Zoya Casey


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