Missoni Solid Perfume Charm Necklace


I love this!  I think it’s so cute, and I would totally wear it!

Enjoy wearing your favorite fragrance in style with this chic beaded charm necklace designed by Margherita Missoni. The large sphere at the bottom opens to reveal a solid perfume scented with the original Missoni, for a refreshing pick-me-up anytime.

Luscious fruits, exuberant florals, and tantalizing gianduia make Missoni is an irresistible weave of some of a woman’s favorite indulgences. The sublime experience captures the luxe sensuality of a holiday at an Italian resort with notes of vibrant Italian bergamot, dewy rose, zesty bitter orange, addictive gianduia (a sweet chocolate containing hazelnut and almond paste), and fluid amber.

Notes: Radiant Yellow Accord, Bergamot, Magnolia, Loquat, Chocolate Brown Accord, Gianduia Chocolate, Amber, Magenta Pink Accord, Peony, Rose, Intense Oranges Accord, Mandarin, Bitter Orange, Persimmon.
Style: Modern. Spirited. Enticing.

$50.00 – BUY IT HERE! 

Here’s another view:


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