Summer sun leaving your lips in pain?


Laura Geller Lip Heal & Seal Lip Gloss

What it is:
A treatment that does double-duty as a lip conditioner and gloss.

What it does:
Laura Geller Lip Heal and Seal is delivered in a patented tube within a tube containing serious lip conditioners in the inner core tube, and a lightweight gloss formula in the outer tube. The inner tube gives serious lip treatment with shea, aloe, and jojoba butters to soothe and heal, with a touch of cooling menthol. The outer tube contains a lightweight gloss formula with an invisible polymer to add shine while protecting the treatment and keeping moisture from evaporating.

What else you need to know:
It’s ideal for use as an overnight treatment or anytime during the day when your lips feel dry and parched.

$19.00 Laura Geller Lip Heal & Seal

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