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On Jocelyn and my recent trip to California we decided spur of the moment to get a tattoo while we were in Venice Beach. We figured after being friends for 23 years and talking about it forever it would be fun to get a tattoo. (see my tattoo below)

Jocelyn was scared out of her mind but while she was getting her tattoo done she sat there like a champ and acted like it was easy and pain free.I went second and maybe because I am a wimp or maybe because we got the tattoo on our feet I winced and wriggled like I was being branded with a hot iron. Jocelyn was laughing so hard and taking pictures of me as I shrieked (no I will not post them!). Even the tattoo artist ended up laughing at me, ahh the fond memories of our vacation.


Once we had our tattoos and a cocktail we went back to our hotel to read up on aftercare. We found out that tattoos on your feet tend to fade faster and red (the color we chose) is one of the fastest fading colors. You would think two 30 yr old moms would know better and research beforehand, but apparently not. After returning from our vacation I was contacted by chance from a rep for a great company called Tattoo Potion about some new aftercare products they had on the market.

I am in love with the Tattoo sunscreen until reading up I never knew the sun was my tattoo’s worst enemy and being on my foot I needed to make sure to protect it. The Tattoo Potion sunscreen is great and it has a non stick formula so you don’t have to worry about sand or dirt getting glued to your feet.

Tattoo Potion #7 and #9 both work at protecting your tattoo from fading and ensuring it will remain as great as the day you left the tattoo parlor. I have had a little fading from wearing the wrong shoes too early but Tattoo Potion #9 is helping restore the original brilliance.

Tattoo Potion # 9 Aftercare

* All Natural.
* Vitamins A, D, E.
* Non-comedogenic.
* Non-greasy.
* Anti-irritand(hypoallergenic)
* Water based
* Medium viscosity.
* Fragrance Free.
* White color.
* 3.0 oz

Tattoo Potion #7 Longevity

Introducing Tattoo Potion number 7, an everyday use lotion designed to enhance the look and longevity of your tattoo, making it look as vibrant and colorful as the first day you left the parlor. If you’re tired of having a faded tattoo, or just feel you need to reinvigorate its look, then you are just the person Potion number 7 was made for.

An all-natural, water based product made with vitamins and minerals, Tattoo Potion number 7 will leave your skin and tattoo looking healthy and smooth. Certified and produced by an FDA approved pharmaceutical manufacturer, number 7 is a safe and useful product applied to achieve that lively and dynamic tattoo appearance.


Begin applying Tattoo Potion number 7 two and a half weeks after receiving tattoo or when tattoo has fully healed. In order to maximize longevity and color-retention, apply at least 3 times per day or as needed to keep skin and tattoo healthy and moist.

Tattoo Potion#1 Sun Protection with Tapioca
The must need product! The number 1 enemy of the tattoo and skin is the sun. So we have manufactured the ultimate SPF product “Tattoo Potion Number 1 SPF 30 protection” Tattoo Potion Number one has been made to be the highest quality SPF product on the market today. This is not your normal SPF it is made with an all natural ingredients with a silky smooth feel. Made with vitamins and minerals to restore and keep the skin healthy. While protecting your tattoo from fading; keeping your tattoo looking as good as it was the first day you got it. Tattoo Potion Number 1 also has pure tapioca to keep the skin healthy and soft. Tattoo Potion Number 1 also keeps sand from sticking to your body! That’s right SAND WILL NOT STICK!! It prevents sand from sticking to your skin. This is and all in one SPF lotion. Made by a cosmetic manufacturer who manufacturers many cosmetics for many “A” list celebrities. So if you want to keep your tattoo from looking trashy, and keep it classy this product is for you. Keep it glamorous! Tattoo Potion #1 SPF with Tapioca!

$9.99- $29.99 Tattoo Potion

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