Lip Lights- LOVE IT!


I am a gloss addict, I started counting my glosses this weekend and gave up when I passed 30. I love lip gloss and while there are all different colors and styles I haven’t found any lately that really stood out until I found Lip Lights by Model Co.

When I first opened the tube I let an excited little yell out when I saw the LED lights in the lid. At first I thought it was just a gimmick that was really cute and fun but I didn’t know how much I would actually need the light. I ventured downtown to go dancing with some girlfriends on Friday night and decided to bring my Lip Lights and I fell in love. Instead of needing to run to the bathroom for a lip gloss touch up I was able to retouch perfectly even in the darkened room. When the gloss wand is pointed at your lips the LED lights shines perfectly at your mouth and if you use the little mirror on the side you can perfectly reapply anywhere.

So the light is fun and highly useful (great for navigating the recesses of my purse) but even with the fun light you need a great gloss for it to be worthy of adoration. Lip Lights is not just a fun product it’s a great lip gloss with the perfect touch of color and a ultra high shine. On top of the great color Lip Lights goes on smooth and doesn’t get sticky, even after cocktails and dancing Lip Lights has great staying power.


Gloss on the go with LIP LIGHTS, ModelCo’s ultra-shiny, creamy gloss with in-built lights and mirror for precise after dark touch-ups, it’s lights, camera, lip action with LIP LIGHTS!

LIP LIGHTS banishes queues and backstage fights for the mirrors, it’s all here to let you touch up and reapply day or night.

LIP LIGHTS is the ultimate in modern glamour for a model perfect pout anywhere, any time. With LED lights concealed in the lid that automatically activate when opened, lips are illuminated for a precision, no-mess application. A side panel mirror means you can gloss on the go, you’ll never get caught out looking less than perfect. LIP LIGHTS is a handbag essential with auto on/off and long-lasting battery, it’s ideal to locate items in your handbag. LIP LIGHTS is available in 5 long-lasting shades. So light up your lips as you let the music take control at and ensure precision perfect touch ups while you’re shimming on the dance floor. LIP LIGHTS is your gloss, mirror & flash-light all in one!

Directions: Open lid, the LED lights automatically turn on. Ensure lid is closed properly to turn off light & conserve battery


$28.00 Model Co Lip Lights

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