Reader Review: Are you impossible to foundation match??

Thanks to Candy from Dallas, TX

Tell us about it!: Girls: Are you one of us whose skin isn’t one of the
stock colors found at all major drug stores and most department counters?
Fear not, Prescriptives has your color matching answer.
Take a visit to your local counter and have the girls color match you. They
use colored ‘pencils’ to mark on your face pulling out the undertones of
your skin.

After spending years appearing like a yellow lemon head when wearing
foundation, my consultant gave me the key to my color blunders: I’m a
blue/red. Unlike the majority of skin, mine holds no yellow or orange, thus
any foundation (which is 99%) that contains yellow or orange will make my
skin appear discolored and fake…. Lemonhead!

I’ve been using their foundation now for a year and a half, and their
concealer for a year. Girls, for those who have had the color struggle, you
will appreciate the confidence that comes with wearing your correct shade.
All women are different, why shouldn’t our foundations be too?!


Prescriptives Virtual Skin

Super-Natural Finish SPF 10
Size: 1 oz.
Erases the line between makeup and skin. Virtual Skin Super-Natural Finish is our most natural-looking, natural feeling foundation. Weightless. Sheer to medium coverage. Long-Wearing. Oil-Free. SPF 10.

$32.50 Prescriptives Virtual Skin

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