3 Strand Solvers!


Want gorgeous har like Sarah Michelle Gellar? 

  1. CREATE LASTING VOLUME:  Start by applying a volumizer to damp hair – a hydrating mousse if it’s dry or a root-lifting spray if it’s fine.  Then blow hair away from direction it will fall.  Once dry, use a flexible hairspray underneath sections and apply heat at roots.
  2. MAKE HAIR SUPER SHINY: Product residue can leave hair matte.  Remove buildup with a weekly clarifying shampoo and rinse, rinse, rinse! A final blast of cold water will help seal the cuticle and add extra luster.
  3. CAMOUFLAGE SPLIT ENDS:  There’s no substitute for a trim, but you can conceal frayed ends.  Start with a serum.  The silicone keeps cuticles down, so they aren’t as noticeable.  Then seal the cuticle with the heat of a curling iron as you curl ends under.

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